What is it?

Scraps is a third-person adventure puzzle-game. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the remnants of society have been consolidated to enclosed cities known as Bastions. The player takes on the role of a “Scrapper.” Scrappers are adventurers who explore the wastes outside the Bastions to return with tools, supplies, and other items requested from those inside the city walls.

In Scraps, the player’s only tool is a gravity-altering device known as the “Gravnull.” With this device, the player is able to move and manipulate objects in the environment in ways they would be physically incapable. The player must use this ability to solve various puzzles and avoid traps and dangers in the environment while on their search for scraps.

My Role

  • Level Design (layout and interaction)
    • Diagrammed and outlined level structure and interactions.
    • Grey-box prototyping of level design.
    • Iteration and implementation of art assets.
  • Scripted level interactions (C#)
    • Included implementation of constructed tools for Objective, Messaging, and Health systems.

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Development Cycle

For this school project, I was provided a creative vision and core features for a game design. I was tasked with designing a level and interactions to fit with the creative vision. Starting from the ground up, I designed the map layout with outlined interactions. The level structure was then prototyped in block-out form with Unity. Along with level structure, I also scripted all level interactions. This included the extension of pre-constructed tools for the game’s Objective, Messaging, and Health systems. Split into small teams, we combined our individual levels into a larger game area. The area was iterated for flow and consistency. Finally, art assets were implemented to further define the aesthetic of the creative vision for the level and game as a whole. This process was completed over the course of a little over two months.

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