Angry Birds in 3D

What is it?

Angry Birds in 3D is the prototype for a 3-dimensional rendition of the classic Angry Birds. Though, this interpretation of the classic has a few twists of it’s own. Angry Birds in 3D allows the player to also control the birds’ flight path in the air. As the original, the player’s goal is to launch birds (spheres in this prototype) to knock down towers of blocks and destroy the pigs to earn as many points as possible. The player pulls back the bird in the sling shot to set the angle and force of the shot and then releases to launch the bird. Once the bird is airborne, the player can direct the movement of the bird in the air to precisely aim their shot.

My Role

  • Gameplay Programmer
    • Scripted camera behaviors, bird-launch mechanics, block and enemy mechanics, UI, point system, high-score persistence, and game logic and management.
  • Systems Designer
    • Created point system values and balanced system. Point values awarded based on relative velocity of objects at moments of collision.
  • Level Designer
    • Assisted in level creation and design with primary responsibility on Level 3, the Meadow Level. For this level, I designed tower structure and enemy placement, as well as environment aesthetic.

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Development Cycle

This project was created in one month for a prototyping course by a team of four. To begin, the team was provided a classic game and had one week to make a prototype clone. With a 2D clone of the original, the team was then tasked with adding a novel design twist to create a new experience for the game. For our twist, we decided to portray the game in a 3-dimensional space. To realize the added dimension, enemies and targets would have to inhabit different depths of the environment. To allow the player to reach targets off of the birds’ z-plane, we added the ability to control the birds flight path after launch. This transformation to the 3D experience was completed in 3 weeks.

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