2D Space Shooter

What is it?

This 2D space shooter is a throw back to old school arcade games like Galaga. The player controls a space ship with various weapon abilities. The player must destroy the enemy space ships and survive for as long as possible.

My Role

  • Script core gameplay mechanics based on a provided feature list
  • Implement provided artwork into build
  • Design and implement visual and auditory affordances

Notable Features

  • Multiple weapon-firing behaviors for the player
  • Quadrantal player shields
  • Player screen-wrapping
  • 4 different enemy types each with unique AI behaviors
  • UI built entirely from primitive shapes and sprites (no Unity UI components with the exception of text mesh)

Development Cycle

This school project was completed over a one-month development period. During this time, I was provided a feature list and various art assets. It was wholly my responsibility to script the core mechanics of the gameplay and complete the features dictated by the feature list as well as utilizing the assets to create a playable prototype.