Carnival Slots

Carnival Slots is a documented design for a casual slot machine game. The game is setup with three reels and seven symbols appearing in unique probabilities on each reel. The game includes a progressive payout system and bonus game playable on a particular winning combination. All probabilities and payouts have been calculated and balanced to keep the return rate within a desired range.

MortalGate – Analogue

MortalGate is a team-based competitive battle-area board game. Players battle to capture altar points that award Grace points and acquire victory. MortalGate brings the unique champions and strategic team-play of MOBA video games to a table-top medium. MortalGate was designed with a small team of four members.

MortalGate Prototype

MortalGate GDD


Free Kingdom – Analogue

Free Kingdom is a tactical strategy war game with a blend of RPG elements. Players collect resources to build troops and defenses to wage war on their opponents. Players control a primary adventuring hero as well as individual troops under their command. By controlling regions and resource nodes, players can increase their potential and conquer their opponents.

Free Kingdom GDD